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Waagner-Biro-Straße 84 /8020 Graz


Waagner-Biro-Straße 84
8020 Graz

A place for everything and everyone: living, working, family, friends, leisure. SMART CITY SÜD presents itself as a flexible and diverse residential and commercial property and forms the entrance to the new smart district.

The design of the building with approx. 16,500m2 of total floor space (plus open areas) is based on the history of the site, which was once used as an industrial area by the steel construction company Waagner Biro. Thus, the building's structural form is reminiscent of the former production halls with their flat pitched gable roofs. A raw materiality with industrial charm was deliberately chosen for the facades. The first floor is used for commercial purposes and currently houses a grocery store, a drugstore and a social enterprise. Spread over six additional floors, 252 apartments of various sizes are arranged in a meandering pattern around two spacious courtyards. The attractive greenery meets the users' need for nature in the immediate living environment and contributes significantly to satisfy all residents. To the south and north, walls of stacked shipping containers enclose the building. As it comes to the question of space, the containers assigned to the apartments provide additional storage. The colorful containers reflect the heterogeneity of the building's occupants. The open spaces between them are mostly shared by two apartments. The office spaces complement the range of heterogeneous uses, creating an inspiring, lively place. When commercial becomes residential, but history is perpetuated in architecture.

State of project realized
Use approx. 12,000m² Residential / 3,500m2 Commerce / 1,000m2 Office
Floor space 16,500m2
Projektpartner WEGRAZ / Haring Group
Visualisations: free dimensions