TRIVALUE unites Inspiration in the planning, development and sale of first class properties with investment potential. The three managing directors are characterized by their daily drive to create modern properties in order to generate sustainable growth and values for the future.

It is actually an easy calculation:
Each value contributes to the result.

Jagschlossgasse Wien-Hietzing
Eichenstrasse 1 “Viennese Chameleon”
Sun Lodge Schladming

From years of experience, especially future-oriented ideas emerge. TRIVALUE benefits from comprehensive expertise in the entire process of real estate development. Sound market insights, coupled with the ability to identify land and property with potential and develop viable investment strategies which are the basis for proven, growing returns.

Resting on the tried and tested is not enough. Only those who invest themselves, create new things and want to go to the top will make progress. TRIVALUE develops and implements projects with Landmark quality and uses an existing network of specialists from different fields. This level of passion, sense of responsibility and commitment makes the difference.

With the background of a rapidly changing real estate market and the growing challenges to building, sustainable solutions with added value are in demand. If you want to achieve growth at all levels, you need to think about the future, be proactive and prudent, and take account of all factors that are placed in modern building to achieve real estate that is timeless and above all valuable for future generations

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