Eichenstrasse 1 “Viennese Chameleon”

Eichenstraße 1, 1050 Vienna, Österreich
→ The project ‘Vienna – Eichenstrasse’ is a development with commercial, hotel and residential areas at Eichenstrasse 1 in 1050 (Margareten) and 1120 (Meidling), Vienna with the possibility of construction with a widely visible effect on a property area of 14,617 m².

Trivalue, 6B47 and Soravia

Architectural competition




The project area is located in the 12th and 5th districts of Vienna, in the cadastral communities of the same name, Meidling and Margareten, between Eichenstrasse, Margaretengürtel and the south railway line of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).
The lenticular shape of the areas, which are surrounded by high-level traffic belts, offers the possibility of a development with a widely visible effect. A special feature of the architectural design is the already existing, clearly marked edge of the terrain from Eichenstrasse to the development areas. A large part of the site is already up to five metres higher than the adjacent Eichenstrasse due to the existing layout of the site. The visibility of the site is very good from the perspective of the merging of the two belt sections (Margareten Belt / Gaudenzendorf Belt).


The architectural competition carried out for this project showed that the planned above-ground gross floor area of approx. 51,000 m² (gross floor area above ground) can be divided into three ‘building plots’, which in turn are positioned on a common base. The winning project of the consortium AllesWirdGut and Feld72 was named ‘Viennese Chameleon’ by the architects due to the ‘variability’ and flexibility of use.
A hotel is being considered as the main focus of use on one of the three building plots. The other two plots are to have a multifunctional use in the base area (up to a height of approx. 16 m), including a consumer market that is planned on the ground floor. On the upper floors (from a height of approx. 16 m), apartments are to be built that allow unique views due to the overall architectural form of the plots.
Completion of construction is planned for 2023.