→ TRIVALUE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS is an investment boutique with the main focus on large-scale project development and investment in real estate in the German-speaking world.

The focus here is on real estate with potential for development, where long-term added value is created with fingertips and thought-out solutions. Our approach is the holistic view of the property, from the beginning of the development to the later asset management after completion.

Since the foundation, real estate has already been acquired in the current portfolio of around € 125 million. Further acquisitions are planned in Austria and Germany. The current project volume is about EUR 400 million.

TRIVALUE is developing a differentiated strategy: on the one hand TRIVALUE invests in project participation in the form of partnerships, on the other hand TRIVALUE develops 100% projects itself.

In order to offer lucrative and interesting investment opportunities to our partners and investors, we are happy to provide tailor-made financial solutions, so that they too can benefit from the success of our company!